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Private water gives you complete control over what is added or taken away from your family’s
drinking and washing water. Why wouldn’t you if it was available?

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In this day and age, control of what you consume is being taken away from you, it’s being
left to people who make money from what they decide you consume. A private water supply
is an opportunity for you to have control of what you consume in the form of drinking water.
There are a couple of things that may have to be done to the water to make it safe to drink
but after that is natural spring water, or natural mineral water from a borehole, or even rain
water that you are now consuming. We don’t add chemicals to the water like chlorine and
fluoride you can be sure of that. We do our best to add as little as possible if anything at all
to your water, the most common mineral to be added to spring water supplies is Calcium
and Magnesium, we add these safe minerals to raise the pH of the water to a neutral level.
The most common thing we reduce from borehole water is Iron and Manganese, Yorkshire
has a lot of iron and manganese in its ground water. Rain water we reduce sediment and
bacteria. All of our filtration systems are designed on a water analysis, so we can be sure that
when a filtration system is designed by us it works effectively to produce safe drinking water.
We go through what we intend to install with the customer and try our best to help them
understand the process. We often have multiple ways of treating the water so the customer
can have control of how its done, and be happy with the resoling great tasting water
flowing through their taps.

Posted by Adam Neillings, 24/02/2020