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Properties that are in rural area’s often have a Private Water Supply. This could be a borehole, spring or well. This is when your property does not have access to mains water, resulting in getting your water from a supply you manage.

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Things to consider when you’re buying a property with a Private Water Supply: –


Is my system supplying more than one property?

We often find Private Water Supplies, supply more than one property. This is called a “shared water supply”.

What sort of supply is it?

A Private Water Supply can be a Borehole, Spring or Well.

Does the system already have any filtration equipment in place?

Sometimes we find equipment already in place, however this is not always the case. In this instance we would need a copy of a recent water analysis, or arrange for a sampling visit.

Does the previous (or current) owner/s have any paperwork on the supply?

It is advised to ask for paperwork for the supply from the previous owner. This should be, as a minimum, a water analysis dated less than 12 months ago.

Has the system been regularly serviced to the manufacturers recommendations?

In order to maintain efficiency of the system, regular maintenance is required. This may be per 12 monthly intervals, depending on the system.

Posted by Kirsten Scott, 20/02/2020