Marsden, Huddersfield

The Problem

This is one of our existing customers in Marsden, they reported to us that their system was not working as efficiently as it did when first installed. There was some orange/brown staining starting to appear on the fixtures and fittings in the house. The customer called us to express their concern, as they were about to start on a renovation and didn’t want the new bathroom to show the same staining.

The Solution

Their filtration system was as follows: –

1. An Ion Exchange Crystal-Right unit
2. Water storage tank
3. Pre-filter
4. UV unit

An analysis of the borehole water was re-done after the customer had raised their concern to us, this showed very high iron content, high turbidity and hard water.

When a site investigation was carried out by one of our Filtration Engineers, it was discovered that the inside of the water storage tank was completely orange (iron build up), so we knew that the Crystal-Right unit was no longer able to cope with the volume of Iron being produced from the borehole. The UV Pre-filter and quartz sleeve were similarly coated with iron, meaning that UV unit would not be killing the bacteria effectively.

After receiving the new analysis, we redesigned the filtration system. First of all, we installed a back-washing sediment filter, this reduces any particulate (dirt) and also any oxidised iron. Crystal-Right media will slightly increase the pH level and provide a level of particle removal; therefore, we needed a pH correction unit and to replace the Crystal-Right with a low fouling Ion Exchange media, which removes the Iron, manganese and softens the water at the same time, but has the added benefit of higher capacity between regeneration’s and uses less salt to regenerate the media.

The tank was cleaned by the customer, and the UV Pre-filter was changed, along with the UV lamp and quartz sleeve.

A full analysis of the treated borehole water was taken on completion of the job, it passed!

Other Remarks

The system now produces clean water. We often find that installing ‘multipurpose’ filtration systems, where the media is expected to perform several functions is a false economy. Eventually it could fail to do anything correctly. Our preferred method is- ONE filter, for ONE job.

Useful Info

What is hard water and is it really a bad thing?

Hard water has high mineral content and is formed when water passes through limestone and chalk. This is a natural process and common throughout the country.

Hard drinking water may have health benefits, but over time it leads to limescale buildup on kettles, water heaters and other appliances. This can be a serious problem for industry. A quick indicator that you are in hard water area is that soap will not foam as readily as with soft water.

Water softening is used to reduce hard water’s effects.