Todmorden, West Yorkshire, OL14


A recent client at Todmorden, in the Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, required a system to supply two buildings – a private home, as well as a holiday cottage. Water is supplied by a borehole which, when tested, was shown to have high levels of bacteria. A single installation was needed to supply both properties.

The Solution

We have developed the UV-PRO ultra violet filtration unit in order to meet the latest regulations regarding the treatment of drinking water supplies, with ultra violet sanitation.

If the water is to be supplied to a third party (here, it’s the visitors to the holiday let), then in the event of lamp fail or power fail, the supply must have a shut down facility, that prevents untreated water passing through the system and on to the taps.

Our system offers this facility and immediately closes off the water supply. At the same time an alarm will sound warning the user of an interruption to supply. When the power is restored, the unit will automatically reset itself and power up.

Other Remarks

Because this system is supplying 2 properties, one of which is a holiday let, we installed our new UV-PRO 3 system with integrated shut down facility.

A single UV-PRO 3 will serve two properties with ease.

The assembly includes a Pre-filter that will remove solid particles down to 5 microns (0.005 of a millimetre) and a shut off valve which will close off the water supply for servicing the system. To facilitate installation, everything is mounted on a backboard in our factory and fully pressure tested prior to despatch. This saves time on site, which reduces installation time and therefore the installation cost to the householder.

The water supply is now clean and free of bacteria. It also meets the statutory drinking water regulations.

The householder and guests can now enjoy clean, treated water.

Useful Info

Can a single UV-PRO server more than one property?

Yes. This is a very cost-effective solution and is very popular with our customers as you might imagine.

Do holiday lets have special regulations for filtration of private water supplies?

Yes. Holiday lets have to meet strict requirements. It’s essential that all efforts are made to ensure that the quality of a water supply to rented accommodation (long- or short-term) is of the highest standard. For this reason, a the Prosep UV-PRO is an ideal solution because as soon as there are problems with the installation (generally caused by power failure), the supply to the property is shut down and residents are immediately protected.

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