Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.

The Problem

The customer required a filtration system installing as the council had told them that their water needed filtering. The system was designed to fit in the filtration room constructed by the customer as it was close by to the incoming water supply pipe under his patio.

The Solution

The system was installed and commissioned to give them clean safe drinking water. The variable speed booster pump was installed to give the house and the customers holiday let a good flow and pressure. The filtration consist of iron reduction media to reduce the iron present in the customers raw water.

Other Remarks

This is all the filtration the customer needs due to the raw water been fairly clean already. The water was then tested again to make sure it was safe to drink.

Useful Info

Is iron in water bad?

Over time iron in your water supply can cause discolouration and even affect laundry and crockery. The water can taste metallic and can even be detected in coffee and tea, etc. It can also darken drinks; food cooked in water containing iron can turn dark and may also absorb the metallic flavour.


Products used on this project