Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10


This customer came to us after they had just purchased a house, in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales.

The water supply is from a spring, some distance away from the property, which then feeds a collection tank in the customer’s nearby field.

This tank isn’t high enough to provide the pressure and flow rate needed to backwash the filtration, so a clean water backwash was needed.

We also found very high levels of bacteria, including cryptosporidium. This type of bacteria needs multiple stages of filtration to safely kill, or stop it from causing contamination in the household.

The Solution

One of the outbuildings was spacious enough to house the filtration in one place, so it was decided to reroute the water supply there.

We UV treated the water into the tank after backwashing filtration through a 0.2 micron carbon block then oversized the UV unit after the tank to ensure extra protection against breakthrough. This second UV will shut off the water, if the lamp fails for any reason.

This was a sizeable and heavy installation (two UV units, Pre-filters and the tank) so we set a flat concrete base to support the weight, and erected an 18mm marine ply backboard, to enable easy and secure fixture of the filtration and pipework.

In order to stop the water in the tank going stale or stagnating we set the filtration to circulate the water through the UV and carbon every 2-3 days and also clean the filter media. We have installed brilliant variable speed boosts pump on this system, via a manifold, so they can even supply a holiday let in the future, without any drop in water flow.

The filtration installed is reducing sediment, iron, manganese, taste, odour and hardness from the water.

Other Remarks

We took the customer through a short training session on how to problem solve and carry out bi-annual servicing as a cost saving exercise.

Not only is the customer happy with the solution and our service, but this was a complex project and we are proud of the result.

Useful Info

Redirecting water from the source

This project is a good example of an instance in which the water source was redirected to a new location in order to resolve problems inherent in the existing system. We carried out all the work necessary for both the redirection and filtration installation.

What is “backwash”? 

This is the reversed flow of water through a vessel that flushes away any material collected during the filtration process.

Products used on this project: