Whitby, North Yorkshire.

The Problem

This installation was done at a manufacturing site in North Yorkshire. The water comes from a borehole. This application uses up to 150 litres per minute to feed the production line. The site was struggling with the water flow when the sediment filters were periodically cleaning themselves, so we installed two 3000 litre tanks and a variable speed pump. The four sediment reduction vessels are controlled by a system controller, depending on the flow rate required, the system controller will open the valves to increase or decrease the flow as required, this means not all vessels will be on at the same time if they are not required to be, making the system more efficient on water and energy usage.

The first four filters are sediment and ammonium reduction filters, which have chlorine generators in them, so they produce chlorine by electrolysis when the filters regenerate themselves. After the sediment filters, there are four ion exchange units designed to reduce iron and manganese and hardness from the raw water. There are four of each of the units installed, to cope with the varying flow rates that the production line requires for its operation, both using system controllers. The system then flows through a multi cartridge filter to remove fine particulates down to 5 micron, before it passes through a pair on UV’s to kill any bacteria present in the water.

Products used on this project