York, North Yorkshire

The Problem

This system is at a Holiday and Residential Park in York, where the customer reported very Hard Water tested at 350mg/l CaCO3, this level of Hardness was spoiling kettles and sanitary ware. This customer is on Mains Water. A brown deposit was left in the washing up area when water was left for a period of time. Water test results showed no indication to what the brown deposit was. 

The Solution

The filtration system is installed in a Holiday Lodge, under the kitchen sink, on the main 25mm pipe that supplies the whole lodge. The space here is very limited, however our system fits perfectly. 

We have installed a particle filter to 5 microns, followed by a poly-phosphate unit, that doses a small amount of poly-phosphate into the water that is sufficient to inhibit limescale formation. This is an Under-sink Unit. You would be surprised at how filthy a particulate filter, installed on Mains Water actually gets! We also do a combination filter of Carbon and Scale Crystals to reduce the Limescale and taste of Chlorine from Mains Water. 

Useful Info

What is hard water and is it really a bad thing?

Hard water has high mineral content and is formed when water passes through limestone and chalk. This is a natural process and common throughout the country.

Hard drinking water may have health benefits, but over time it leads to limescale buildup on kettles, water heaters and other appliances. This can be a serious problem for industry. A quick indicator that you are in hard water area is that soap will not foam as readily as with soft water.

Water softening is used to reduce hard water’s effects.

Products used on this project