New water filtration system installation for a new build

This installation is for a barn conversion.


North Yorkshire, DL8.

The Problem

This customer reported they had a strong sulphide smell coming from their water supply.

The Solution

This system was supplied to our customer so he could fit the system himself as the customer is an experienced plumber and felt confident enough with his skills to install the system alone, with our assistance via telephone/visual calls. We at Prosep supplied full install instructions so the system could be easily installed. Full drawings were supplied so the customer knew where the equipment should be placed. The system uses air to start, this gets rid of the Hydrogen Sulphide smell in the water. Sediment is removed next, followed by Iron reduction media which also reduces the levels of Hydrogen Sulphide. The final stage was Carbon designed to remove Hydrogen Sulphide that may still be in the water.

Other Remarks

This filtration system is feeding a barn conversion.

Useful Info

Is iron in water bad?

Over time iron in your water supply can cause discolouration and even affect laundry and crockery. The water can taste metallic and can even be detected in coffee and tea, etc. It can also darken drinks; food cooked in water containing iron can turn dark and may also absorb the metallic flavour.