Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7


An undersink water treatment system was needed to kill bacteria in this Domestic, drinking water supply.

The Solution

A micron particulate Pre-filter was added before the UV, to stop “shadowing”. The shadowing effect is when very fine particles shield the bacteria and prevent irradiation by the UV lamp. There were no leaks found on the system.

After installation, the water was tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory we use for all test work. The report came back completely clear.

Other Remarks

This undersink system is designed for smaller properties, where water flow is unlikely to exceed 20 litres per minute.

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Useful Info

What is “Shadowing”?

As you know, because light can’t penetrate a solid object it creates a shadow. This also applies to UV light. If bacteria is inside the solid or behind a groups of solids – in this case the particles – the UV light won’t reach and kill it.
The only way to prevent this is to filter the water prior to it reaching the UV which was essential in this case, hence the “pre-filter”.

Products used on this project