Scarborough, North Yorkshire

The Problem

The customer has had a borehole for many years feeding their cottage in the middle of North Yorkshire. Recently they have built 2 holiday let cottages on site which are fed from the same supply. Upon testing the yield, we found out the supply wouldn’t be able to feed the house and both holiday lets.

The Solution

To combat the lack of water we designed a system that could filter the water slowly and feed the water to the tanks where it is stored. The water is stored in 2 1000L WRAS approved water tanks. From these tanks the water is not only fed to the holiday lets and house, but is used to clean the filtration media. This ensures that the water in the tanks is always fresh, as the filters have to clean themselves regularly.

Other Remarks

The water is supplied by a variable speed booster pump meaning the pump will produce more water as and when it is needed. This not only saves the customer money, but means both holiday lets will get the water they need no matter how many outlets are open.