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What happens when you go with Prosep and have a new Installation.

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What happens when you go with Prosep?


When you contact us to check out our water treatment services, we will request as much information as you can give about your system/site. Sometimes this will require a visit to site to check the system/site. We always like to take a raw water sample so that we know the condition of the water, prior to treatment. This sample also allows us to check that the correct system has been installed.

We will then service the installed system and as a matter of course, take a treated water sample. We can then give you the assurance from an accredited laboratory, that your water is safe (or not) to drink. If the test fails, we will advise on changes to be made to get a “pass” on your water quality.

What happens on a new installation?


First thing is a raw water analysis. Based on the results we will design a system for you and advise you on the basic requirements that we need to install. Our designs are always to provide a potable supply (either for human or animal consumption). If you agree to proceed, we will then arrange a date for the install, as a stockist for many filtration products, the time from order to installation, can be greatly reduced.
Once installed, we will take a treated water sample to ensure your water now meets the required standards. This will be a report from a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Posted by Kirsten Scott, 12/02/2020