Wiltshire, South of England

The Problem

This job is to reduce the levels of Nitrate in the borehole water supply in the South of England, supplying 55 outlets.

This job took 5 days to complete, below is a day by day timeline of this installation.

The Timeline

Day 1- We installed the valves and located all the vessels and filled them with media.

Day 2- All pipework was installed and the backwash line was piped up with raw and treated outlets and inlets. We also connected the backwash pump.

Day 3- We installed all electrical units and clipped all wires to the walls. We were expecting the tank to arrive on day 4.

Day 4- The 8000L tank arrived on site this morning. We installed the tank along with brine tanks and brine lines.

Day 5- On the last day of installation we did a pressure test and connected up the tank. We will be back on site in two weeks’ time to check the system is working correctly and that the water is up to the regulations.

Useful Info

Why Nitrate in water is dangerous

High concentrations of nitrate in water can cause methemoglobinemia in very young children (blue baby syndrome). In extreme cases this can be fatal.