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The water you are seeing flow out of your taps could be looking like this for a number of reasons. It could be caused by fine sediments in your water. Alternatively it could be particles of iron or if the water passes through peat, it could appear yellow/orange/brown in colour, this is caused by tannins.

Full description

Fine sediments in water can make your water look brown and cloudy. Sediment will be picked up as it passes through the water course to your supply. The sediments will be held in suspension until the water is allowed to stand, for example in a glass of water or your dogs bowl, they will sink over time to leave a fine deposit.

Iron in your water can look very similar to water that contains sediment, iron can take 2 forms, dissolved or sedimentary. Dissolved iron can be harder to spot as the liquid will appear clear when first poured, leading the user to believe the water is clear and free of iron. If the glass of water with dissolved iron is left for a period of time, iron will drop out and fall to the bottom of the glass, resulting in a cloudy orange build up in the glass, this is commonly seen in dog bowls. Sedimentary iron can clearly be seen in a glass of water when it is first poured, the colour may range from looking like tomato soup to weak orange squash.

If your water contains iron you may detect a metallic taste.

If your water contains tannins, there should be no sediment and no matter how long you leave it in a glass, it will not change in appearance.



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Posted by Kirsten Scott, 19/02/2020.