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The reason that water needs to be tested is that it is important to know exactly how and why the supply fails to meet with regulations. It may also advise that there is no problem with the water supply, therefore no treatment is required.

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All the components of the water need to be checked because the way we treat one aspect will be dependent upon another. For example, locally here in West Yorkshire it is not uncommon for borehole supplies to contain both iron and manganese and also be on the acidic side of neutral. Some treatments require that the pH needs to be raised to 8 in order for manganese to be reduced, other treatments will only work effectively if the level of iron is less than 500ug/l, yet another will use a brine solution to regenerate the media and this will increase the level of Sodium ion in the water and it is important that we do not exceed the maximum limit for sodium as this is expensive to remove. If we do not have access to proper and accurate testing it becomes unrealistic to expect that a system proposal may be correctly designed to bring the obvious contaminants into line without producing a fail notice on other levels.

By getting your water tested in an accredited laboratory we know that we can produce the most cost-effective solution for you that will give you many years of service life.

With a pre and post treatment analysis we can show you that your water complies with all the current regulations with regards to drinking water.

If you let a property you will have a legal obligation to test your water supply on a regular basis. The frequency of the test will depend upon the number of properties/volumes of water extracted check for correctness.

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Posted by Kirsten Scott, 26.02.2020